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I want to be a One-percenter.

By K2blackk · October 16, 2017


Value the 1%

Lately, I’ve been talking to my kids about goals.  Specifically, we’ve been taking a little time in the car on the way to the soccer field to talk about their upcoming games.  I’ve prompted them with “What is your goal for this game?” and “Tell me one positive action word or phrase you’re going to claim for this game.”  For example, on our way to our last game, I was having this conversation with my youngest.  Here’s what followed…
  • Q: What is your goal for this game?
  • A: To stay in my position, and talk to my teammates.  Also, to shoot.
  • Q: What word or positive phrase do you want to “claim” for this game?
  • A: I got this!
The idea is that it defines clearcut goals for what they are about to do on the field.  And, the positive phrase helps them when they get discouraged — for my youngest the phrase “I got this!” And you know what?  My child played the best I’ve seen her play by simply claiming goals and using positive phrases.  Wow.
So, what does that have to do with business?  A lot.  There is power in claiming goals,  stating them out loud or writing them down.  Those simple steps can spur action and flip a switch in your brain.  So much of what we do and how we act day to day has to do with the 6 inches between our ears. (aka- our thoughts)
Another practice I’ve used with my kids is a concept I read a while back.  Sadly, I can’t recall where exactly I read it, but the thought has stuck with me.  It’s the idea of 1%.  The concept is simple.  So many times we say we’d like to be 100% better at something but that thought and the lofty goal is scary.  However, what if I simply say I’d like to be 1% better today… a MUCH more feasible goal… and a number/goal that isn’t nearly as intimidating.  The idea? I’m going to be 1% better today than I was yesterday.  If you can achieve 1% a day for 100 days just think how much improvement you could make in a year.  You’d easily shoot past your goal.
What can I control? Me and only my actions.  So if I try to gain that 1%, I put in that tiny bit of extra effort every day it adds up. It’s much like compound interest. Or muscle memory. That 1% creates a habit or muscle memory. It can actually be a very powerful tool, and an effective way to reach the goals we claim.
Action: Write down your goals.  I’d love to see some of them!
Final thought: We are what we think.
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